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Don Bluth Front Row Theatre

address  8989 E. Via Linda Ste. 118
 Scottsdale, AZ  85258
phone (480) 314-0841

Bell, Book, and Candle

Bell, Book, and Candle

Comedy, Romantic Comedy
Just in time for Halloween season! Before there was "Bewitched," before "Wicked" and "Harry Potter," there was "BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE." Gillian is a beautiful witch, living in 1950s New York City, who is smitten with her handsome upstairs neighbor, Shep Henderson. She casts a little spell, and Shep is immediately and completely captivated by her. But Gillian must be careful -- if she falls in love with him, she could lose her magical powers forever. Will she be undone by her own mischief? A frothy and spellbinding romantic comedy, BELL, BOOK, AND CANDLE shows that love might be the most bewitching spell of all.
Live Live Theater;In-Person;Comedy;Romantic Comedy;Performing Arts
Event Info: (480) 314-0841
Ages: 16+
Price: General Adult: $28; Senior/Military/Student: $25
Event Website:
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 • Thu 9/30/21 at 7pm-9pm 
 • Fri 10/1/21 at 7pm-9pm 
 • Sat 10/2/21 at 7pm-9pm 
 • Thu 10/7/21 at 7pm-9pm 
 • Fri 10/8/21 at 7pm-9pm 
 • Sat 10/9/21 at 7pm-9pm 
 • Thu 10/14/21 at 7pm-9pm 
 • Fri 10/15/21 at 7pm-9pm 
 • Sat 10/16/21 at 7pm-9pm 
 • Thu 10/21/21 at 7pm-9pm 
 • Fri 10/22/21 at 7pm-9pm 
 • Sat 10/23/21 at 7pm-9pm 
 • Thu 10/28/21 at 7pm-9pm 
 • Fri 10/29/21 at 7pm-9pm 
 • Sat 10/30/21 at 7pm-9pm 
 • Thu 11/4/21 at 7pm-9pm 
 • Fri 11/5/21 at 7pm-9pm 
 • Sat 11/6/21 at 7pm-9pm