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Pyle Adult Recreation Center

address  655 E. Southern Ave.
 Tempe, AZ  85282
phone (480) 350-5211

Tempe Socrates Cafe Meeting

Tempe Socrates Cafe Meeting

Practical Philosophy discussion meetings held on the 1st & 3rd Saturdays of every month. All adults with an open mind are welcome to the meetings which try to avoid theoretical philosophy, and instead try to focus on more practical answers to the questions and problems of the world.
philosophy;open mind;saturdays;2pm;Pyle
Event Info: (480) 350-5211
Ages: Adults
Price: Free
Event Website:
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 • Sat 7/2/22 at 2pm-3:30pm 
 • Sat 7/16/22 at 2pm-3:30pm 
 • Sat 8/6/22 at 2pm-3:30pm 
 • Sat 8/20/22 at 2pm-3:30pm 
 • Sat 9/3/22 at 2pm-3:30pm 
 • Sat 9/17/22 at 2pm-3:30pm 
 • Sat 10/1/22 at 2pm-3:30pm 
 • Sat 10/15/22 at 2pm-3:30pm 
 • Sat 11/5/22 at 2pm-3:30pm 
 • Sat 11/19/22 at 2pm-3:30pm 
 • Sat 12/3/22 at 2pm-3:30pm 
 • Sat 12/17/22 at 2pm-3:30pm 
 • Sat 1/7/23 at 2pm-3:30pm 
 • Sat 1/21/23 at 2pm-3:30pm 
 • Sat 2/4/23 at 2pm-3:30pm 
 • Sat 2/18/23 at 2pm-3:30pm 
 • Sat 3/4/23 at 2pm-3:30pm 
 • Sat 3/18/23 at 2pm-3:30pm