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Musical Instrument Museum (MIM)

address  4725 E. Mayo Blvd.
 Phoenix, AZ  85050
phone (480) 478-6000
hours Daily 9 am-5 pm
general adm $20; $15 teens 13-19; $10 children 4-12; free for children 3 and under

Rediscover Treasures: Legendary Musical Instruments

Rediscover Treasures: Legendary Musical Instruments

Gallery, Installations, Museum, Multimedia, History/Science, Folk Art/Crafts
MIM’s newest exhibition, Rediscover Treasures: Legendary Musical Instruments, highlights instrumental moments in music history as 28 new acquisitions and loans of historical significance join some of the treasured instruments—including the Erard grand piano, Amati violin, ancient Mesopotamian lyre fragments, and Jimi Hendrix’s Black Widow electric guitar—that helped shape this remarkable special exhibition.
Event Info: (480) 478-6000
Price: $10
Event Website:
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 • Mon 6/5/23 - Tue 10/31/23 at 9am-5pm