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Chandler Museum

address  300 S. Chandler Village Drive
 Chandler, AZ  85226
phone (480) 782-2717
hours Tue.-Sat. 10 am-5 pm; Sun. 1-5 pm
general adm Free

Greatest Photographs of the American West

Greatest Photographs of the American West

Drawn from the significant holdings of the National Geographic Archive, “Greatest Photographs of the American West” chronicles the history and grandeur of the people and places that define the American West. It offers a broad understanding of a region that has long captivated photographers. Each image captures a different aspect of the West including interactions among the people, visitors, and wildlife, as well as landscapes with endless skies, boundless plains, and dramatic mountains.
Greatest Photographs of the American West is organized and traveled by the National Geographic Society.
Image credit: Bruce Dale, Monument Valley, Utah, 2001.
Photographs;American West
Event Info: (480) 782-2717
Ages: All Ages
Price: Free
Event Website:
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 • Sat 1/22/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Sun 1/23/22 at 1pm-5pm 
 • Tue 1/25/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Wed 1/26/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Thu 1/27/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Fri 1/28/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Sat 1/29/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Sun 1/30/22 at 1pm-5pm 
 • Tue 2/1/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Wed 2/2/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Thu 2/3/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Fri 2/4/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Sat 2/5/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Sun 2/6/22 at 1pm-5pm 
 • Tue 2/8/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Wed 2/9/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Thu 2/10/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Fri 2/11/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Sat 2/12/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Sun 2/13/22 at 1pm-5pm 
 • Tue 2/15/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Wed 2/16/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Thu 2/17/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Fri 2/18/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Sat 2/19/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Sun 2/20/22 at 1pm-5pm 
 • Tue 2/22/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Wed 2/23/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Thu 2/24/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Fri 2/25/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Sat 2/26/22 at 10am-5pm 
 • Sun 2/27/22 at 1pm-5pm