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Highlands Center for Natural History

address  1375 S. Walker Road
 Prescott, AZ  86303
phone (928) 776-9550

Music in the Highlands – Gypsy Soul

Music in the Highlands – Gypsy Soul

“Their music stirs the soul and moves the spirit." PEOPLE MAGAZINE. Authentic and excellent are the words most often used to describe Gypsy Soul and their music. Over their 20-year professional career, Cilette Swann and Roman Morykit have had a Top 40 A/C hit with “Silent Tears” and have won numerous songwriting and performance awards.
Live music;Gypsy;Soul;Top 40
Event Info: (928) 776-9550
Price: $30 (check member emails for member discounts)
Event Website:
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 • Sat 8/6/22 at 3pm and 7pm