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Key Consulting Project Management Education Center

address  310 S. Williams Blvd, Suite 160
 Tucson, AZ  85711
phone (520) 908-6376

MS Project Best Practices 101 Course (Live Online)

MS Project Best Practices 101 Course (Live Online)

Education, Business, Class/Workshop
For Microsoft Project training to be effective it needs to be integrated, applied, and enjoyable. By guiding participants through the construction and use of both sample and actual projects (from your workplace), we have found our training to be both productive, and well-received. Other courses may show you how to find the product features – our course teaches you how to use the features to produce meaningful results.

This course is for anyone who intends to be involved in planning and/or controlling projects using Microsoft Project. (We have courses available for all versions of Microsoft Project.)

The Microsoft Project Best Practices 101 course is offered on an open-enrollment basis at our Project Management Education Center in Bellevue/Seattle, WA, (which also serves Kirkland, Redmond, Renton, Everett, Federal Way, and Tacoma), as well as at our Project Management Education Center in Tucson, AZ (which also serves the Greater Phoenix area, Oro Valley, and Sierra Vista / Fort Huachuca), and other select locations such as Grand Cayman. We also provide it on an on-site basis anywhere in the world, and online using live instructors.

Students log into two web conferencing platforms using either two screens and/or two devices (e.g. PC and phone). This allows the instructor to see the students’ screens as they work in MS Project, and the students to see both the live instructor and the presentation while working in Microsoft Project. Hard-copy manuals and texts are sent to you ahead of time.

By the end of the course you will be able to:
Enter tasks and create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to capture the scope of your project
Work with project calendars
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Event Info: (520) 908-6376
Ages: Open to ages 18 & up
Price: $449
Event Website:
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 • Thu 5/27/21 at 8am-5pm