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Nicole Anne Yoga & Holistic Wellness

address  Various places
 Chandler, AZ  85249
phone (847) 840-7277

LIVE Virtual Meditation Mondays

LIVE Virtual Meditation Mondays

Health & Wellness/Nutrition
Nicole Anne Yoga & Holistic Wellness offers relaxing and calming, virtual meditations every Monday from noon to 1 p.m. on its Facebook LIVE. This wonderful class is donation-based but complimentary to veterans, active military members, and health care providers/first responders. To enjoy the guided meditation, set up a comfortable, quiet space within your home where you can close your eyes and rest deeply. Feel free to set up your space on your bed, couch, or a cushioned spot on the floor. One can use a pillow underneath the head, underneath the knees, an eye pillow, mask, or scarf to cover your eyes, and a blanket to place over your body. If you have a Bluetooth speaker it is recommended that you use it to enhance the experience. This guided meditation uses a series of body, breath, and awareness techniques to effortlessly drop you into a deeply relaxed state. Donations may be made on Venmo - @Nicole-Fonovich. Nicole Anne Yoga & Holistic Wellness is a mobile and virtual company that offers private, customized sessions in: yoga, sound healing, personal fitness training, nutrition coaching, massage therapy, hypnotherapy, and many other holistic modalities. The company's slogan is, "We bring the Zen to you!" For more information, visit
Event Info: (847) 840-7277
Price: Donation-based class
Event Website:
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 • Mon 5/17/21 at 12pm-1pm 
 • Mon 5/24/21 at 12pm-1pm 
 • Mon 5/31/21 at 12pm-1pm 
 • Mon 6/7/21 at 12pm-1pm 
 • Mon 6/14/21 at 12pm-1pm 
 • Mon 6/21/21 at 12pm-1pm 
 • Mon 6/28/21 at 12pm-1pm