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Kaleidoscope Dance

address  2848 S. Carriage Lane
 Mesa, AZ  85202

Gentle Tai Chi - Qigong

Gentle Tai Chi - Qigong

Class/Workshop, Seniors, Health & Wellness/Nutrition
Zoom available
Gentle Tai Chi Sequences is slightly more rigorous than the Gentle Tai Chi-Qigong class. Individual moves from Easy Tai Chi-Qigong are combined in continuous fluid sequences that are stationary.
Taught by Trudy Sherman
Be sure to call or register ahead of time to reserve your spot.
PLEASE honor your RSVP.
Text reservation to: 602-345-0496
Tai Chi;Seniors;Event;Class;Health;
Event Info: (480) 692-0332
Ages: over 18
Price: $12 per class; $40 punch card (good for 60 days)
Event Website:
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 • Tue 9/21/21 at 5:30pm-6:25pm 
 • Tue 9/28/21 at 5:30pm-6:25pm