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The Place of Spiritual Wisdom Metaphysical Store

address  9720 W. Peoria Ave., Ste.108-A
 Peoria, AZ  85345
phone (623) 583-1330

Tuesday Book Club: A Year of Forgiveness

Tuesday Book Club: A Year of Forgiveness

The Tuesday Book Club meets every Tuesday, at 10am.
The cost is $5; please purchase your own book.
The Facilitator is Sandy Munster.
The Book is “A Year of Forgiveness: A Course in Miracles Lessons with Commentary from Jesus” as channeled by Tina Louise Spalding. Advance registration is requested, call 623-583-1330.
This book is designed to be a companion text to your larger A Course in Miracles book. It is designed to assist your understanding of the daily lessons offered in A Course in Miracles workbook with guided daily commentaries from Jesus channeled through Tina Spalding. These commentaries came through daily during Tina's yearlong reading of the lessons of A Course in Miracles presented on YouTube in 2019. Many have found them very helpful in coming to understand the meaning and purpose of the lessons.
Event Info: (623) 583-1330
Ages: Adult
Price: $5.00 cash
Event Website:
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 • Tue 6/28/22 at 10am-11:30am 
 • Tue 7/5/22 at 10am-11:30am 
 • Tue 7/12/22 at 10am-11:30am 
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 • Tue 7/26/22 at 10am-11:30am