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Taliesin West – The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

address  12345 N. Taliesin Drive
 Scottsdale, AZ  85259
phone (480) 860-2700

Chihuly in the Desert

Chihuly in the Desert

Art Show
A new exhibition of monumental works by Dale Chihuly is now on view at one of Arizona’s most iconic landmarks and the state’s only cultural UNESCO World Heritage site, Frank Lloyd Wright’s famed home and studio, Taliesin West, in Scottsdale.
A historic partnership between the revered artist and renowned architect, Chihuly in the Desert combines American art, architecture, and the remarkable landscape of the Sonoran Desert to majestic effect. A must-see installation for art and architecture enthusiasts, the exhibition also offers an outdoor and socially distanced destination for travelers.
Chihuly in the Desert showcases six art installations at Taliesin West placed inside the building, on the lawns, in the water and emerging from the desert itself. Each installation is a rich dialogue between Wright and Chihuly, pairing the work of the two masters in a way that has never been done before. Taliesin West is the great architect’s winter home and desert laboratory, an ideal backdrop for exploring the elements and principles of design, present in both Chihuly’s sculptures and Wright’s architecture. The works include Alabaster and Amber Spire Towers at the Entry Plaza; Red Reeds & Niijima Floats at the Front Pond; Black Saguaros and Scarlet Icicles on the Studio Lawn; Golden Celedon Baskets in The Garden Room, Fire Amber Herons at the Tower Pool and Marine Blue and Citron Tower at the Garden Squares.
chihuly in the desert;Taliesin West;Frank Lloyd Wright
Price: $49
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 • Sat 1/22/22 - Sun 6/19/22 at 10am-4:30pm