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Memphis Jookin': The Show (Touring)
Urban/Hip Hop

Renowned dance artist Lil Buck conceives, choreographs, and performs in a new show called “Memphis Jookin’: The Show” an ode to Lil Buck’s hometown of Memphis, TN-- birthplace of the singular dance style known as Memphis Jookin’. The show takes us on a journey to the fabled city to chronicle how the art form emerged from local street dance to international phenomenon. The original production will star Lil Buck alongside 10 highly skilled Memphis Jookin’ dancers and a DJ performing to a soundtrack that evokes the energy of the streets, the hallways, and the clubs where Memphis Jookin’ was born.

Madison Center for the Arts, Phoenix, AZ

Urban/Hip Hop

Thu 3/10/22 at 7pm 
Age Information:All Ages