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Oscar Peñas

Spanish guitarist and composer Oscar Peñas has performed his unique blend of jazz and classical styles at Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, Blue Note, the Parisian Duc Des Lombard jazz club and other prestigious venues. Described by WNYC as transnational cool, his skills and use of nontraditional instrumentation trace the sounds of the history that inspires his compositions. Traditional folk music from Spain, Brazilian urban grooves and sounds from his Iberian heritage meld with an American jazz base to define his adventurous and transcendent style. Peñas was born in Barcelona to a family where folk and flamenco music was beloved. Now in the U.S., the roads of his career and craft cross cultures and creative ideas, melding a jazz core with diverse rhythms and styles. He has released four jazz albums with GRAMMY winners Esperanza Spalding, Gil Goldstein and Paquito D Rivera. He aims for the unexpected! Get to know this top notch talent at the historic ASU Kerr.

Kerr Cultural Center, Scottsdale, AZ

Fri 3/4/22 at 7:30pm 
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