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The Senator was a Ham: Barry Goldwater and Amateur Radio

Amateur or "ham" radio is a hobby and communication service that has been bringing people together for over a century. Join ASU Associate Professor of History Eric Nystrom to discover the history of Arizona's most famous ham radio operator, U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater. Goldwater's association with amateur radio began in his Arizona youth when he constructed his own equipment, and the politician again picked up the hobby as an adult after a long hiatus. He was famous for his longtime ham radio shack in Paradise Valley, now preserved and on display at the Arizona Historical Society. Known on the airwaves as K7UGA, Goldwater sponsored legislation to shape the regulation of amateur radio in the United States. Using his radios, Goldwater and a group of organized volunteers connected service members stationed in Vietnam with their families back in the United States. Learn about ham radio's importance to Goldwater and his impact on the evolution of the amateur service in America.
Plan your visit to see Barry Goldwater’s famous ham radio shack, currently on display at the Arizona History Museum in Tucson. Open Tuesday through Saturday, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Buy your tickets today:

Virtual Event (Arizona Historical Society), Tempe, AZ


Wed 5/19/21 at 6pm-7pm