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Virtual Local Authors Book Talk Series - episode four

Ever wonder what inspired authors to write their books. Tune in to the Scottsdale Public Library’s YouTube channel for a refreshing book talk event. Our local talented authors are eager to share their books and “behind-the-scene stories” with you. Jody Shape will tell us how the passing of her daughter inspired her to write The Angel's Daughter, Elicia Nademin gives your tips on how to reach out and connect in Don’t Be a Stranger, Vicki Riske reveals that how My Teeth are Too Big is not entirely a make-up story, and Alfreda Jonsdottir who didn't intend to write the book, made up the story of Malkorka-the Saga of an Irish Princess with abundant imagination and her love for her grandchild. Join us on Friday, April 23rd, 6:30 Pm to hear what these authors have to say. You can also visit Scottsdale Public Library FaceBook to view the trailer.