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Mesa Tremble Clefs, Music Therapy for Parkinson's
Health & Wellness/Nutrition

Parkinsons? Try Music Therapy in Mesa: Parkinson's disease often affects the vocal chords, causing softer voice and trouble swallowing. Music therapy helps stretch and strengthen the vocal chords. Mesa Tremble Clefs is a music therapy group that meets weekly to sing and support each other. Being a singer is not required or expected. We are directed by trained Music Therapists and pianists and we have a good time singing old familiar songs and supporting each other. The charge is $5/session, which includes caregivers whom we encourage to attend. Tremble Clefs is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. There are four Tremble Clefs choirs in the Valley. Our group meets every Monday from 3-5 pm at Venture Out, a 55+ Retirement Community located at 5001 E. Main Street in Mesa. For more information, call Rocky at 563-451-9774 or Libby at 307-472-2953.