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Museum in a Box: W is for Whirligig: Historic Toys
Children's Arts/Crafts, Museum

Dive into culture, history, and art at home with a themed activity box. Each Chandler Museum in a Box includes instructions and supplies for three-five activities.
Museum in a Box is available for sale in the Museum Store.
Family Edition.
Hop and skip down memory lane to enjoy some good, old-fashioned fun! This box provides a peek into historic games and rhymes, including three wooden toys from yesteryear and chalk to create various hopscotch designs. Your head will spin with merriment as you learn how lads and lasses engaged with these wooden whirligigs. As you play, giggle at some olden words from long ago. This is sure to be a jolly good time for families with younger children.
$13, Great for Ages 3-8, Includes 3 different toys, one game booklet and chalk. Available while supplies last.
Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm;
Sunday 1-5pm;
Closed Monday;