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Leon Polk Smith: Hiding in Plain Sight
Art Show, Painting, Museum, Textiles

Opening February 5; On display through May 31, 2021
Leon Polk Smith, one of the most significant American artists of the 20th century, has been studied and celebrated through major exhibitions, publications, and scholarship over many years—and yet, a significant source of inspiration and influence on his artistic production remains largely unexplored.
This original exhibition takes visitors on a visual journey that starts in Oklahoma Territory, where Smith was born and raised surrounded by Indigenous people and culture, to New York City where he would become a founding icon of mid-century modern art.

Heard Museum, Phoenix, AZ

Art Show, Painting, Museum, Textiles
Sat 5/8/21 - Mon 5/31/21 
Age Information:All ages
Price:Adults: Online: $17, Walk-up: $20