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Fountain Hills Events
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Theater: Comedy, Musical
Nunsense at Fountain Hills Theater
Five survivors at the Little Sisters of Hoboken nunnery, the rest of the sisterhood having succumbed to botulism after eating vichyssoise prepared by Sister Julia, Child of God, stage a variety show to raise funds so that the last four of the dearly depart...
Fountain Hills Theater
Fountain Hills, AZ

Thu 5/19/22 - Sat 5/21/22 at 7:30pm-9:30pm
Sun 5/22/22 at 2pm-4pm
Theater: Children's Theatre, Drama, Musical, Dance Play, Variety Show
2022 Theater Summer Camp
Paige Productions Youth Theater - Students learn acting, auditioning, singing, & dancing from an award-winning theater instructor. 2022 camp musicals include Annie Kids, Disney’s The Jungle Book Kids, & Aladdin. Two additional summer camps are dedicated to...
Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church
Fountain Hills, AZ

Tue 5/31/22 at 9am-3pm
Wed 6/1/22 at 9am-3pm
Thu 6/2/22 at 9am-3pm
Fri 6/3/22 at 9am-3pm
Mon 6/6/22 at 9am-3pm
Theater: Children's Theatre, Musical, Play
Encanto-Themed Summer Camp
Encanto Theater Camp
Paige Productions Youth Theater
Fountain Hills, AZ

Mon 6/13/22 - Fri 6/17/22 at 9am-3pm

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