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Brandi Fenton Memorial Park

address  3482 E. River Road
 Tucson, AZ  85718
phone (520) 877-6000

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SculptureTucson Announces “Rough Terrain” — Inaugural Sculpture Park Exhibition

Art Show
SculptureTucson, the local non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing Arizona’s cultural landscape through the placement of sculpture in public spaces; establishing a public sculpture park; and becoming a resource for diverse artists and art collectors, is pleased to announce “Rough Terrain,” the inaugural exhibition of its new sculpture park. Large-scale works will be on exhibit from Saturday, February 13 through Sunday, July 4 throughout the park’s sprawling two acres adjacent to the organization’s headquarters at Brandi Fenton Memorial Park located at 3420 East River Road.
“Rough Terrain” features 20 pieces and is open to the public for viewing by appointment Wednesdays through Fridays from noon to 4:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. until Sunday, July 4. All sculptures on display are available for sale by artist. Featured artists displaying large-scale works include Rotraut Moquay, Fred Borcherdt, Al Glann, Kevin Caron, Steven Derks, Willie Ray Parish, Jeff Timan, Elizabeth Frank, Hector Ortega, Greg Corman, Pat Frederick, Jonquil LeMaster, Julia Arriola, Adrian Wall, Joy Fox McGrew, Jimmy Descant, Peter Eisner, Joan Waters, John Nelson, Barbara Jo Borch and Alex Heveri. Many of these are also artists that have participated in SculptureTucson’s Sculpture on the Street program, which partners with Tucson businesses to place large-scale art along highly-trafficked roads and in outdoor public venues for all to enjoy while driving through town.

SculptureTucson is currently adding to the list of artists exhibiting their works in the inaugural Sculpture Park exhibition.
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 • Sat 5/8/21 
 • Wed 5/12/21 
 • Thu 5/13/21 
 • Fri 5/14/21 
 • Sat 5/15/21 
 • Wed 5/19/21 
 • Thu 5/20/21 
 • Fri 5/21/21 
 • Sat 5/22/21 
 • Wed 5/26/21 
 • Thu 5/27/21 
 • Fri 5/28/21 
 • Sat 5/29/21 
 • Wed 6/2/21 
 • Thu 6/3/21 
 • Fri 6/4/21 
 • Sat 6/5/21 
 • Wed 6/9/21 
 • Thu 6/10/21 
 • Fri 6/11/21 
 • Sat 6/12/21 
 • Wed 6/16/21 
 • Thu 6/17/21 
 • Fri 6/18/21 
 • Sat 6/19/21 
 • Wed 6/23/21 
 • Thu 6/24/21 
 • Fri 6/25/21 
 • Sat 6/26/21 
 • Wed 6/30/21 
 • Thu 7/1/21 
 • Fri 7/2/21 
 • Sat 7/3/21 

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