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address  10 S. Gilbert Road
 Gilbert, AZ  85296
phone (480) 926-1577
hours Tue.-Sat. 9 am-4 pm
general adm $6 adults, $5 seniors 60+

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16th Annual 'Art Of Quilting' Quilt Show

Installations, Folk Art/Crafts, Textiles
HD SOUTH--Home Of the Gilbert Historical Museum, invites you to the 16th Annual "Art Of Quilting" Show with a special focus on blue and white quilts. Nearly 75 quilts, all made by the HD SOUTH quilting group, will be on display throughout the Museum. The 'Art Of Quilting' show will run from March 9-May31, 2021. HD SOUTH is open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 9a-4p. Museum admission applies.
Price: Adults $6, Seniors over 60 $5, Youth ages 5-12 $3, under 5 free

 • Sat 5/8/21 
 • Tue 5/11/21 
 • Thu 5/13/21 
 • Sat 5/15/21 
 • Tue 5/18/21 
 • Thu 5/20/21 
 • Sat 5/22/21 
 • Tue 5/25/21 
 • Thu 5/27/21 
 • Sat 5/29/21 

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