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Nicole Anne Yoga & Holistic Wellness

address  Various places
 Chandler, AZ  85249
phone (847) 840-7277

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Virtual Hatha Yoga with Nicole Anne Yoga

Health & Wellness/Nutrition, Class/Workshop
Every Friday morning from 9 to 10 a.m. join Nicole Anne Yoga for a wonderfully relaxing virtual Hatha Yoga class on Facebook Live. This calming, meditative practice will bring attention back to your breath. You'll focus on long releases in postures to bring oxygen flow back to places in your body where tension is stored. You'll bring openness to each chakra - from the root to the crown - and balance the organic flow of energy in your body. The class will conclude with a beautiful sound healing meditation. Donations are much appreciated and may be made via VENMO - @nicoleanneyoga. Nicole Anne Yoga & Holistic Wellness is a mobile and virtual yoga company that offers private, customized, in-home and virtual sessions in yoga, sound healing, personal training, nutrition coaching, life coaching, massage therapy, hypnotherapy, Reiki, Animal Reiki, and other healing modalities. For more information, visit
yoga;special event;education
Price: Donation-based class

 • Fri 5/14/21 at 9am-10am 
 • Fri 5/21/21 at 9am-10am 
 • Fri 5/28/21 at 9am-10am 
 • Fri 6/4/21 at 9am-10am 
 • Fri 6/11/21 at 9am-10am 
 • Fri 6/18/21 at 9am-10am 
 • Fri 6/25/21 at 9am-10am 
 • Fri 7/2/21 at 9am-10am 
 • Fri 7/9/21 at 9am-10am 
 • Fri 7/16/21 at 9am-10am 
 • Fri 7/23/21 at 9am-10am 
 • Fri 7/30/21 at 9am-10am 
 • Fri 8/6/21 at 9am-10am 
 • Fri 8/13/21 at 9am-10am 
 • Fri 8/20/21 at 9am-10am 
 • Fri 8/27/21 at 9am-10am 
 • Fri 9/3/21 at 9am-10am 
 • Fri 9/10/21 at 9am-10am 
 • Fri 9/17/21 at 9am-10am 
 • Fri 9/24/21 at 9am-10am 

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