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Gilbert Historical Museum

address  10 South Gilbert Road
 Gilbert, AZ  85296

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South East Valley Women's Club

Education, General, Meeting, Social Event
Southeast Valley Women's Club meets the first Thursday of each month at The Gilbert Historical Museum, 10 South Gilbert Road, Gilbert, AZ, 85296. A short business meeting starts at 10:30 AM, followed by a program. July 7, 2022, the speaker will be Denise Lopez, Director & CEO HD SOUTH, Home of the Gilbert Historical Museum. Denise will give us an overview of the Programs and Exhibits the Museum will host over the 2022-2023 year. Following the meeting, we will go to lunch at the Olive Garden 2930 E. Germann Rd. SEVWC was formed in 1976. We are a friendly, social group of women with a large variety of activities to offer. Whether you are new to the Southeast Valley, or just want to make new friends, please think of joining us.
Southeast Valley;Women's Club;Programs;Speakers;Activities
Ages: Adults
Price: Free

 • Thu 3/2/23 
 • Thu 4/6/23 
 • Thu 5/4/23 

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