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One World Dance Studios

address  3312 N. 3rd St.
 Phoenix, AZ  85012

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Shimmy Power Dance Cardio/Fitness Class

World Dance
It’s a workout that feels like a dance party! Get your heart pumping to exciting world beats with fun dance choreography. All genders, fitness levels welcome. Your first class is *FREE* if you contact us to reserve in advance. In studio & Online options available.
Ages: Age 15 & up
Price: $17

 • Sun 5/16/21 at 10am-11am 
 • Sun 5/23/21 at 10am-11am 
 • Sun 5/30/21 at 10am-11am 
 • Sun 6/6/21 at 10am-11am 
 • Sun 6/13/21 at 10am-11am 
 • Sun 6/20/21 at 10am-11am 
 • Sun 6/27/21 at 10am-11am 

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