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Coi Leray  - American rapper and breakthrough artist Coi Leray makes her E11EVEN debut Saturday, March 5!
At AURA, Tempe, AZ
Fri 6/3/22 at 8pm
Aida Cuevas  - The “Queen of Ranchera Music” and first female singer in the mariachi genre to win a Grammy Award, Aida Cuevas pays tribute to Juan Gabriel, Mexico’s late prince of pop and champion of traditional music. Cuevas is the only artist authorized to record and tour Gabriel’s music, lending her stunning vocals to her dearest friend and greatest mentor’s biggest hits on her new album Totalmente Juan Gabriel. “Mexico’s most important female voice, [Cuevas is] leaving a remarkable imprint in the history of Mexican music” (Broadway World). $29 - $59 : General Public $16 : UCSB Students (Current student ID required) $16 : All Students (Student ID required for high school age and up) Includes facility fee
At Orpheum Theatre, Phoenix, AZ
Sat 5/21/22 at 8pm

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