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Scottsdale Comedy Spot Comedy Club

address  7117 E. Third Ave.
 Scottsdale, AZ  85251
phone (480) 945-4422
ages 21 and over

Upcoming Events

Adult Improv Classes

Improv, Class/Workshop
The class’s interactive exercises build listening and communication skills, heighten awareness and teach you how to be more playful, spontaneous and flexible. Play short form improv games in a fun and safe environment. Dress comfortable and be prepared for movement. We are not concerned with matching shirts, “levels”, up-selling classes or the like. It is our belief that “levels” give people a false sense of ability and skill. Here you will not “audition” to be in the troupe or performances. People are selected when they have displayed the skill and knowledge. In other words, we select performers based on ability!
Event Info: (480) 945-4422
Ages: 18+
Price: $10
Event Website:
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 • Wed 2/26/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 3/4/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 3/11/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 3/18/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 3/25/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 4/1/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 4/8/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 4/15/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 4/22/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 4/29/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 5/6/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 5/13/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 5/20/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 5/27/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 6/3/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 6/10/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 6/17/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 6/24/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 7/1/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 7/8/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 7/15/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 7/22/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 7/29/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 8/5/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 8/12/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 8/19/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 8/26/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 9/2/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 9/9/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 9/16/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 9/23/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 9/30/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 10/7/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 10/14/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 10/21/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 10/28/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 11/4/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 11/11/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 11/18/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 11/25/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 12/2/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 12/9/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 12/16/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 12/23/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Wed 12/30/20 at 6pm-9pm 

Stand-up Class

Stand Up Comedy, Class/Workshop
Classes run every Thursday evening, on-going. Join anytime!
Nowadays, it's not just enough to take or offer a "stand-up comedy class" to compete in today's market, you need to be a well rounded performer. Not just a joke teller. And unfortunately, most if not all standup comedy classes offer simply "the mechanics". Set up, punch and twist.
This class will go beyond that. You will learn the Mechanics, but also Improv, Hosting, How to Handle Hecklers, Story-Telling, Act-outs, Characters and more. Everything you will need to become a truly well rounded performer. Not simply a mechanical joke robot.
This class will step out of the comedy teachings of the 1950's & 1980’s and bring you up to date with how comedy works NOW.
How does it work?
Each class begins with a lesson that covers many of the key points that every comic should know. Then each student is given time onstage to share ideas with the class, try out new material, or just talk about their experiences. The teacher and the rest of the class will help you turn your ideas into solid stand-up material that will have them falling out of their seats!
Event Info: (480) 945-4422
Ages: 18+
Price: $25
Event Website:
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 • Thu 2/27/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 3/5/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 3/12/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 3/19/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 3/26/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 4/2/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 4/9/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 4/16/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 4/23/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 4/30/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 5/7/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 5/14/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 5/21/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 5/28/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 6/4/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 6/11/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 6/18/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 6/25/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 7/2/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 7/9/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 7/16/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 7/23/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 7/30/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 8/6/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 8/13/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 8/20/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 8/27/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 9/3/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 9/10/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 9/17/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 9/24/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 10/1/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 10/8/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 10/15/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 10/22/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 10/29/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 11/5/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 11/12/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 11/19/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 11/26/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 12/3/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 12/10/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 12/17/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 12/24/20 at 6pm-9pm 
 • Thu 12/31/20 at 6pm-9pm 

JR De Guzman at The Comedy Spot

Stand Up Comedy
Born in the Philippines and raised in California, JR De Guzman began performing comedy while working as a music teacher, which he quickly learned just meant teaching Taylor Swift songs to teenagers. He has entertained all over the world, having performed for Stand-Up Tokyo and ROR Comedy in Japan, the Jokers Ball in Indonesia, the Badaboom Comedy Series in Amsterdam, the Edmonton Comedy Festival, and countless other international shows.
Combining music and comedy, JR serenades the audience into laughter with songs, jokes, and stories of traveling the world, life after college, and family. He has shared the stage with Tim Allen, Margaret Cho, Daniel Tosh, Jerrod Carmichael, Iliza Shlesinger, and more. Winner of 2016 Stand-up NBC & named as a prestigious "New Face" at Just for Laughs 2017, you can catch his quarter hour Netflix special on "The Comedy Lineup," and catch him on Coming to the Stage Season 2 on Hulu, Comedy Central's Kevin Hart Presents: Hart of the City, and MTV's Acting Out.
Also, check out his debut album on Sirius XM Radio's Laugh's USA which debuted #1 on iTunes and Billboard.
Event Info: (480) 945-4422
Ages: 18+
Price: $10-$12
Event Website:
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 • Fri 2/21/20 - Sat 2/22/20 at 7pm-11pm 

Carlos Rodriguez at The Comedy Spot

Stand Up Comedy
Carlos was thrown into comedy, being brought up in a large family of characters he quickly became a fast talking entertainer which eventually led him to comedy. Taking the stage you see the inner child come out with all the passion, excitement and energy of a new performer with the grace and comfort of a seasoned pro. Carlos brings a clever, silly and approachable voice to comedy.
In a fun and relatable way his observational humor touches beyond daily occurrences to deep rooted memories of his childhood, views on the simplest ideas and the most off beat subject matter.
-USO Tours
-Comedy Central Comic
-Comedy Time TV
-Featured on Doug Benson loves movies podcast, Brent Ernst podcast, & Jamie Foxx's Fox Hole
-2018 North Hollywood Comedy Festival
-2016 & 18 SLO Comedy Festival and voted Best of the Fest.
-2017 & 18 Big Pine Fest
-2017-16 World Series of Comedy
-2015 SF SketchFest
-Finalist for '14 &'15 SF International Comedy Competition
-Voted 2013, 14 & 15 best comic in Sacramento by Sac News & Review
-Winner of 2012 CSA Comedy Competition
-Finalist SF Tommy T's $20,000 competition
Event Info: (480) 945-4422
Ages: 18+
Price: $10-$12
Event Website:
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 • Fri 2/28/20 - Sat 2/29/20 at 7pm-11pm