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STEP 3- Sequences Social Ballroom

STEP 3 - Sequences
These are our “ballroom sequences” classes. They are for those that have a mastery of the timing and basic step for the style of dance being taught and are ready to learn short sequences of steps to use out on the dance floor. Each class covers 1 style. The same style is taught for 4 consecutive weeks. A different sequence for the style is taught each week. Most of the steps included in the sequence are taught in STEP 1 and 2 classes for the style. Often a new step or two will also be included. Styles taught include waltz, rumba, swing, and foxtrot. Each of the 4 weeks stands on its own. So, it is not necessary to attend all 4 weeks.
Each class starts with a short review of the basics. Then the steps included in the sequence are reviewed/taught. Any new step (not taught in STEP 2) included in the sequence is taught from the beginning, so no prior knowledge of a step is required. The steps are combined one at a time to create a short versatile sequence that can be used whenever needed. Ample practice time is provided to build both muscle memory and confidence.
Classes may be repeated. Dance sequences may vary somewhat from series to series.
Punch card can be used for all STEP classes
NOTE: Class size is currently limited to 5 couples. We will not rotate partners. If you need a dance partner, contact us and we will see if we can match you up with someone. Be sure to call or register ahead of time to reserve your spot.
This months class Nightclub

Kaleidoscope Dance, Mesa, AZ

Dance Class;Kaleidoscope: Ballroom

Wed 9/23/20 at 8pm-8pm 
Age Information:21 and over
Price:$40 for a 4 punch card , $12 for drop in